Rick Pruett surfing
Rick Pruett in Hawaii



Rick Pruett, a multi cultural chameleon, inherited the thirst for adventure from his mother, a talented thespian and fellow scribe. He started writing poetry as a child and as he honed his skills, he found a true knack for writing lyrics and musical compositions. His world travels have allowed him to develop a unique artistic palette which is reflected in the diversity of his craft. During the mid-eighties, Rick worked as a beach boy, party starter and public relations rep in Waikiki. He surfed every single day while on the islands and often well into the night. "The lifestyle called to me, it was a dream come true, an adventure that impacted my life in a major way." 


        Rick's Haiku's


          Aloha kisses                            

 ocean breeze tropical temptress                 

       liquid sunshine heals                                                                                                     


  wind blown rainbows soar

 dancing raindrops swirl and soak

         mucho mahalo








Da Shreddah


Rick started skateboarding in his hometown of Chicago, Illnois when he was two years old. Skateboards at that time had wheels made of clay and were inferior to today's designs, but Rick picked up the sport very easily. Years later while attending college in Hawaii he was blessed with the opportunity to surf on the fabulous beaches of Waikiki. He has traveled the world surfing internationally famous breaks in Bali, Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and many others.

Rick's athletic prowess included stints as a Champion Jr Golden Gloves boxer, football and soccer star, and six time USA Masters Track & Field All American. He coaches elite and youth athletes.